Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tyson's Sleep Study

Tyson's last test that his Neurologist ordered was a sleep study. I am still waiting on the results, no surprise there, but I think it went well. Before arriving at the sleep clinic, Tyson and I decided to do some shopping and go out to dinner. He was so cute, when we walked into Ruby Tuesday's he went right up to the hostess and asked for a table for 2. He then told everyone he was "taking his mommy on a date". He was trying his very best to act all grown up, even ordered what he wanted to eat all on his own. After dinner we drove over to the sleep clinic (around 7pm) and as soon as we walked in the nurse asked Tyson to get his pj's on. He was very excited to show everyone his new Iron Man pjs, so getting him ready for bed was very easy. After he was all set and his teeth were brushed, it was time to start hooking him up to everything. They started with the wires on his head and he was happy to have it done because once again he had a pink wire. After his head was done they moved on to the rest of his get up. I was sure he might start to object to everything that the nurse was putting on him, but he never complained once. In fact instead of complaining he had a million questions. He wanted to know what everything was, how it worked and what it was going to "watch him do". After he was all hooked up, he decided that he had to potty one last time. He was more excited to walk around and show anyone he could find what he looked like rather then have to potty. After his little walk around the clinic, it was finally time for him to go to bed. He was so excited when his nurse turned on cartoons for him to watch before he fell asleep. He was so funny laying there in bed trying to figure out how the nurse could hear everything he said to her without having to yell. After about an hour he was finally tired enough to snuggle in and go to bed. It was a bit strange for me going to bed so early so I ended up staring at the wall for quite some time. A few times I noticed a red light flashing along with a small alarm going off so I asked his nurse what it was. She informed me that it would go off every time he stopped breathing. I was surprised to see how often it went off, but once he seemed to go into a deep sleep it didn't go off nearly as often. It took me a long time to fall asleep and our 5am wake up call came before I knew it. Tyson was very excited when they took everything off and he was able to take a shower there. Even though he slept almost all night, he was sound asleep shortly after we started driving home.
I will post his results, as soon as I actually get them, but here are a few photos from his night at the sleep clinic.

Just as the nurse was getting started.

All hooked up and ready for bed

I am so proud of him for being so good with all that stuff on him.

Tyson's Graduation

I know I am really behind in my blog, but here are some photos from Tyson's Graduation from Mother Goose Preschool. Technically he would have returned there in the fall because he is not old enough to go to Kindergarden, but because we are moving to Korea, this was his last year there.

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After Graduation we went to Zoe Beth's house for a little party. Before we left Tyson had decided that he needed to bring Zoe flowers and proceeded to remove one pink and one purple flower out of my Mother's Day arrangement for her. Oh well, I know how much he likes Zoe and how much she would love the flowers, so I was ok with it. Everyone though it was very cute when I told them where the flowers came from.

I have a few special photos I will add soon......

Yard Sales

One of my most favorite things to do during the summer is to go to Yard Sales. I know most people look at it as buying someone junk, but if you hit the right ones you can really find some great stuff. This year I set off on my Yard Sale quest to try and find Tyson a larger bike. His is way too small for him but I really didn't want to have to go to the store and spend 100$ for another bike that would only last him a year or two.
This year Jeff actually promised me that if he had nothing else to do, (sleep, watch TV or find just about anything else to keep him busy) he would actually get up early and go to a few Yard Sales with me. The first few weekends we went, we really didn't find much of anything. Tyson found a few toys he liked, but nothing really big. The third weekend I drug Jeff out of bed to go, he was less then excited. He has even turned my yard sailing loving Tyson into a hater. When I woke Tyson up to get ready he told me "You know you can always go by yourself." After a few moments of convincing them that they really would love to go with me, they finally got ready and we headed out. The first few again were nothing we wanted, but then at last we found one that had just what I was looking for. A new bike for Tyson!!! It had some rust on it, the seat was ripped and one of the tires was broken, but I knew with some spray paint, a new seat and a little work it would look great, so for 10$ Tyson got his new bike! We also managed to pick up a really cute doll for my nieces to play with when they come up, along with another elephant for Tyson's room, all for around 12$. Here are some before and after pics. of his new big boy bike.

As you can see Tyson is very happy with his new bike!!

The next weekend, while Jeff was conveniently at work, Tyson and I decided to go to a few Yard Sales on our own. Most of them were again a flop, but at one I managed to get Tyson a new Jon Deer riding tractor and a new turtle night light, all for 7$ The tractor also needed a little work but with the help of my dad it is now one of Tyson's favorite toys. I will post photos of Tyson's new tractor soon.

Hopefully now both Jeff and Tyson will go willingly with me to any and all Yard Sales of my choosing. (I really doubt it though)

Project Kermit.......

Project relocate Kermit was a little project of mine to remove and relocate 3 very loud and annoying tree frogs from Tyson's pool. The first few days after they showed up I actually enjoyed listening to them chirp, croke, sing or what ever you want to call the noise they make. Anyway by around day 3 of them being directly outside of my bedroom window, I decided enough was enough and they had to go. The first night I decided they would be better off singing at Jerry Pond rather then my backyard, I managed to catch this little guy. He was sitting on the side of Tyson's pool and was more interested in what I am guessing was his soon to be girlfriend sitting across from him to even notice me.

I was able to catch him quite easily and put him in a box (yes with wholes) and wait for my Mom to help hold him until we got to Jerry Pond. There he was able to find a nice new home right next to the water and a lovely row of trees.

The second one was nabbed the next day, with the help of Tyson. Thankfully it was rainy and cold so he was in no mood to hop away and went into the box quite nicely. Because Tyson was actually awake for this one, he had to bring it inside to play with for a bit before we could bring him/her to Jerry Pond to join it's friend.

Once Tyson finally decided he was ready to go to his new home, we got in my mom's car and drove him down. I decided since my mom had helped move the first one, she should be there for the relocation of the rest that followed.

Tyson holding onto him nice and tight for the ride.

Once we arrived at Jerry Pond, Tyson took it upon himself to make sure the little frog found his way safely up a tree. I am sure the "help" from Tyson into said tree was way more tramatic for the little frog then the move itself.

Sadly I have no photos of the 3rd and finally frog to make it's way from my backyard to it's new relocated home. I am sure just by his large size that he/she was most likely the source of the majority of the noise. Anyway I am happy to report that as of now there are no frogs keeping me up all night.

(No frogs were harmed in the Kermit Relocation Program)

Baby teeth.

I was shocked a last month when I found that Tyson had two loose teeth. Because I have never heard of a 4 year old loosing baby teeth, I made a dentist appointment for him for the very next day. I though that he must have hit his mouth playing and never told me. The next day his dentist decided it would be a good idea to take a full round of x-rays to determine if his roots were dissolved or if his teeth were loose due to an injury. When the x-rays came back I was completely taken back when we saw that not only were his two bottom teeth loose because the roots were almost gone, but so were 4 other teeth. All four on the bottom along with his two top teeth are all ready to come out. When I asked his dentist if this was going to be a problem because of his young age I was reassured that it was completely normal. Because Tyson had cut his teeth so early on (three teeth at 3 months old) they would fall out early as well. I told the dentist that I was not ready for my baby to start loosing his teeth and she laughed and informed me that it would not cause him to graduate High School and leave home any sooner. True as this was, it's still I'm still sad to see him growing up so fast.
Tyson lost his first tooth (bottom left) on May 17th. We were sitting on the chair watching The Backyardardigans when I noticed his tooth was ready to come out. I told him that it was bleeding a tiny bit and that I was going to hold a piece of paper towel on it. While he was watching his cartoon, I slowly pulled his tooth forward until It finally popped right out. Tyson had no idea that I had even pulled his tooth until I finally held it up to show him. He was so excited and immediately wanted to call his Daddy. He was at school working when I pulled his tooth. For some reason the wiggling and loosing of teeth really makes Daddy squeamish so I guess that's another job left up to me, not that I mind at all. As soon as we got off the phone with Daddy, Tyson started begging me to walk down to his Nannie and Papa's house to show them. So at 8:00 I snuggled him up in this stroller and off we went. He was so cute trying to smile to get them to notice that his tooth was gone. They were both very excited for him, along with a little sad that he was already loosing his baby teeth. That night when we got home he was very excited about putting his little "treasure" under his pillow for the tooth fairy to come. He had so many ideas as to what she would bring him. At 5:45am, Tyson came running into our room to show me what the tooth fairy had left for him. Daddy was already at work so he got a nice phone call before classes started. The tooth fairy left Tyson 4 dollars and two cars. I told him that because this was his first tooth, the gift that she left would be a bit bigger then it will be for any future teeth lost. He was still very excited and said that he could not wait to loose more teeth. Little did I know how short of a wait that would be.

On June 7th, again while watching cartoons, Tyson lost his second baby tooth (bottom right). This time I used a washcloth to get a better hold on his tiny tooth. Even though this one came out a little bit harder then the first, he still had no idea that I had pulled it. When I held this one up he was a little more surprised to see his tooth in my hand. Although this one bleed a bit more, he didn't seem to mind at all. That night he slept in my bed and we forgot to leave his tooth under his pillow. He was so funny when he woke up and looked for his surprise. He told me that the tooth fairy must not have been able to find him since he was in my room. So last night we put him to bed in his own room and checked multiple times that his tooth was safely tucked under his pillow. This time Daddy helped me to make the exchange while he slept. It was a good thing he was there because he started to wake up. Finally I went to bed, expecting another early morning with him coming in to show me what the fairy had left him. We never even made it until morning, Tyson decided to wake up a 3am to see if she had already snuck into his room. Sure enough she had and this time she left him 2$ and a little light up glow stick ball. Thankfully I always have little treats hidden away in a closet for such occasions.

So now the wait is on for the other 4 loose teeth to decide when it is there time to come out. Poor kid is not going to have any teeth at all to eat with. Looks like not corn on the cob for him this summer.

With all his Baby Teeth.

Right After he lost his first tooth.

Happy his tooth is safe under his pillow.

Right after he lost his 2nd tooth.