Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tyson's EEG

Tomorrow is Tyson's EEG and repeat EKG. I pray that we are finally able to get some answers as to what might be causing his headaches. We have prepared him for the test as much as possible and I really think he will do great. Having to keep him sleep deprived will be another story. In order to do the tests, Tyson has to be very tired. He is only going to be able to sleep from 12am to 4am with no nap today. I am sure that I will be able to keep him up at home with movies, walks and playing outside but the drive to Bangor is going to be a bit more difficult. Tyson almost always falls asleep in the car and the hour it is going to take us to get to Bangor is going to be hard. Thank goodness my father is going to go with us to keep him awake while I drive.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I have to say that this year has been the best Easter by far since having Tyson. Not that he was not fun when he was three, but this year he was able to understand more what Easter is all about. We talked a lot about Jesus and how important this day is for everyone who has faith. It was not easy trying to explain to a four year old that even though Jesus did rise from the dead, he was not alive like we are. I don't want him to think that if someone he knows should ever die, they would not be able to come back to life. He understands that Jesus died for us and three days later he came out to show people that he was still here and would keep on living in heaven with his father and the angels. That we must thank him for the gift he gave us and that when we believe in him and thank him we too can live in heaven someday. I was surprised when he asked me why the Easter bunny comes to our house to hide eggs and how that makes us think of Jesus. I told him that the Easter bunny has nothing to do with Jesus and that we need to remember this day is about him. That the joy we get from finding the eggs and getting the gifts should remind us of the joy of having him in our hearts and knowing everything he has done for us. I told him it is a lot like Christmas when we exchange gifts to remember the gifts given to baby Jesus and the gift he gave to us. He seemed very happy with this explanation, at least for the time being.
As for him finding his eggs, all 130 of them, he was amazing. There are only about 6 left now that he has yet to discover in their hiding spots. I did not start off thinking I would stuff so many for him, but we had a lot of little cars, trucks and helicopters that we bought for him for Christmas and forgot about. The larger eggs we have collected over the years were perfect for hiding these special goodies. We also hid money, this year 30$ in quarters that will go right into his college fund. We started this tradition his first year and as much fun as he has with it, we know it is another way of making sure we are adding a little extra in his account whenever we can.
This year with the weather being so wonderful and the snow being gone, we were able to hide eggs and his two big gifts outside. As he was running around finding eggs in the grass and trees he found a new bubble blower and a pink T-ball set. I really hope that we will be able to do the outside hunt again next year because it was such a big hit.
With all the excitement we realized soon enough that Tyson was in much need for a nap, so down he went followed close by daddy. I stayed up trying to get the house clean again and to enjoying the little quiet. As soon as he woke up it was off to the playground to try out the new T-ball. I am sure he will be the only little boy around here with a bright pink bat, but he loved it. He managed to get in a few great hits before daddy tried a few pitches. So far he can throw a lot better then he can hit but I am sure he will get better with practice. After a stop over to the playground for some more fun we had to go home to start our Easter dinner. After everything was in the oven Tyson and I ran to Jerry Pond for a little more fun in the sun. Trying to keep him out of the water was a bit harder then expected so we went back home to play in the yard and clean out the car, not that I needed an excuse to stay out and enjoy the weather. After a wonderful dinner with just the three of us it was time to get ready for bed. Tyson and I went for a quick drive while Jeff finished up a paper for school. By the time we got home and jumped in for a quick bath, Tyson was more then ready to fall asleep.
Even though my parents were not with us for the first time and we missed them, it was wonderful spending the day together. I am happy for my sister and her family that they were able to spend today with my mom and dad and share their time together. I know it's hard on my sister to live so far away and not be able to spend every holiday with her family without having to pack up everyone and drive the 6 hours home, so I am sure it was nice to have them travel down to see her. Hopefully they enjoy the rest of their time together before my parents have to come home.
I hope everyone's Easter, Passover was just as wonderful as ours. Hopefully everyone remembers why we celebrate this day and that it is not about the candy or bunnies. That it is about family, faith and the gift of forgiveness through Jesus.