Monday, August 29, 2011

Body Painting Festival 2011

This weekend we decided to go check out the Body Painting Festival after hearing one of our co-workers talking about it. At first there was not much to see, but they had a few activities for kids so Tyson was happy.

The entrance to the festival

Not much going on when we first got there
Tyson getting his "tattoo"

After about an hour, the artists starting working on their human canvases. It was amazing to watch the start of everyone's designs then go back later to see the finished products.

Most of the models were so nice about us taking their pictures. They all waved and smiled at Tyson was so oblivious to the nudity around him.

I don't know how some of them stood up for as long as they did.

The artists were all very good about applying pasties to cover their models as much as possible. 

Unfortunately with the heat and Tyson getting hungry, we could not stay to watch them finish their work. Thankfully, Vicki, another teacher at DIS agreed to go with me to the final performance that night.
There's nothing quite like Korean parking.

As you can see it filled up a LOT in the few hours we were gone.

I wish you could see all of the details that were painted on her.

Very Lady Gaga but without the Kermit puppets.

I still can't believe how close to the stage we were able to get.

I still say I could rock those boots.


My favorite of the night. The Mad Hatter.

Because of the nudity, to view the rest of my photos, please click on the links below. ENJOY!!!

Part one of the festival
The part two of the festival
If the links above do not work, go to this link and look at the Body Painting Festival 1 and 2. s

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dinosaur Museum and Beijing Zoo (Friday June 17, 2011)

Today was Tyson’s day to choose our destination and he decided on the Dinosaur Museum and the Beijing Zoo. He was so excited about The Dinosaur Museum after spending the last few weeks studying them in school. Sadly it was a bit of a letdown so we did not stay long. There were only a few dinosaurs on display and all of the facts about them were in Chinese. Tyson did a great job pointing out all the dinosaurs he knew, but became frustrated when we could not answer his questions.

Thankfully the zoo, located right across the street, was more English friendly. Tyson’s fell in love with the Giant Panda and is still convinced that we are going to see some wild ones when we go up to the Great Wall. Even though we spent almost 5 hours there, we didn’t even come close to seeing all of the animals.

     .                                                     Tyson with his Panda, China.
                                                    He was so excited to see real Pandas.

                                                                                         Quick potty break. Get what you need!

 I was surprised that Tyson didn’t get more excited about seeing the elephants, but who could blame him when there were giraffes to be fed right next to them. He loved that they ate right out of his hand, even though their tongues were long and slimy.

Before we left we wanted to take a boat ride around the park. Unfortunately the lines were entirely too long so we opted out. Tyson was upset for a minuet but quickly decided that a nice swim in the pool sounded a lot better than standing in that long, hot line. (Swimming really does make everything better.)