Monday, February 1, 2010

Busy Busy Busy.......

I thought things would finally settle down after Tyson's birthday, but I was wrong. Between physical therapy, doctors appointments for Tyson and trying to plan a last minuet trip to Florida, things have been a bit crazy. Last week Tyson and I went to Bangor for his 4 year well child visit and things went great, other then still having no answers about his headaches. Here are his 4 year old stats....

Height 41 Inches 75%
Weight 38.6 lbs 75%

Although he did cry when they gave him his shots, I still think he did a great job. Poor kiddo is so sick of needles right now. The only change in things were that we went up another 1/2 a tsp. of his daily meds. and we are starting a new med. hoping it will help with his pain. I have not tried it yet, but thankfully that is because we have only had minor headaches over the past week.

In other news I am finally done with physical therapy. Unfortunately it is only because there is nothing else they can do to help. I am still going to do all of the exercises they gave me at home, at least as much as I can tolerate. I did got see my orthopedic surgeon today and was told that I may need yet another surgery to clean up the cartilage and possibly do a lateral release. I want to try all my other options first so he gave me a steroid injection in my knee and told me to try some of the over the counter joint meds. that are out there. The injection was not that bad going in, mostly because he injected it where the scar has built up and I do not have much feeling. It is a little on the uncomfortable side now, but if it gives me even a few weeks without pain it will be well worth it. I can not even think of having more surgery right now, not until I know what is going on with Tyson. His dad works so I need to be able to drive him to doctors and preschool play dates etc. I drive him around while he drives me up the wall lol.

As far as our trip to Florida, it is not going to be anything special. We are not going to any of the big theme parks, this is more about getting Tyson out of this house and in a different atmosphere to see if his headaches improve at all. I am sure we will still have fun walking around the flea markets and things like that. When the nurse at my doctor's office asked him today if he was going to go to Disney World he said "no it's too expensive" lol. Guess he has heard us talking about it. Oh well, to him staying in a hotel is the "vacation" part. I am sad that my sister and her family are unable to go with us, but hopefully instead her dream house becomes less of a dream and more of a reality. Although I keep telling her that if she has any more kids I am just going to buy her hammocks so she can hang them from the ceiling. If I though her ceilings would hold a child I really would get her one. Her own little Swiss Family Rodrigues lol.