Monday, February 13, 2012

The radiated!

This story is just to hilarious not to share!! 

Last week I went with a friend to Home Plus (sort of like a local Wal-Mart) and slipped on a wet spot on the floor. Now I know most of you are thinking, "haha that floor had an all points bulletin out for her" and yes I know coordination has never been my strongest suit. Anyway the pain was a bit intense but I figured I could just walk it off. It's been a few days now and it still isn't feeling much better and I have hardly slept at all, so Jeff decided that it was time to go and see someone. We left directly after school today to go to a doctor that we had never met before and did not have an appointment to see. Despite the language barrier and not having an appointment,  they said the doctor would see me as soon as he could. Besides the ER I don't know of anywhere in the states that would get you right in to see not only a doctor, but an orthopedic surgeon! While waiting Jeff tried to make the time go by faster by pointing out the pictures of the huge needles and what he referred to is "instabond." He was sure if it was broken they would just give me a shot of that stuff and send me on my way. Not being fond of needles I was not impressed with him and like a 5 year old, flat out refused to get a shot.
After about 15 minuets the nurse called us in to see the doctor. He asked what we were there for and after a quick explanation he got right to the examination. Now I don't know why doctors feel the need to ask you where something hurts then proceed to push on it as hard as humanly possible only to then ask "how does that feel". Now the honest answer would have been "It feels as though you are enjoying a little too much dropping me to my knees and watching me twitch in pain so much so that I could be confused for an epileptic" but the answer I gave was, "that hurts, a lot!" So he explains he thinks I have broken my Coxis (tailbone) and wants to take a few x-rays. 
This was hardly my first x-ray so I pretty much thought I knew the routine, but this was nothing like I had experienced before. After I walked into the little x-ray room, that is positioned right behind the waiting room, I was asked to lay down on the table. The x-ray technician then asks Jeff to also come in before closing the hollow wooden door behind him. Jeff helped me to lay down and then answered a few questions for the technician who in the meantime came over and pushes down gently as hard as possible on my hips to make sure I am positioned correctly. Wow thanks, that felt great! 
After I am all positioned where he wants, he goes into the little room in the back. I am now expecting him to ask Jeff to step out, but nope, instead I hear the distinct sound of the x-ray machine going off. Did he actually just take an x-ray of me with my husband standing about 4 feet away? It wasn't like he didn't know he was in the room! Not trying to be mean, but it's not like he was small enough to hide behind anything in the room. At the very least he could have offered him one of those led gowns, but instead he just let him stand there and get radiated. Jeff and I both kind of look at each other but didn't say anything. The technician then came out and repositions me two more times and again radiates the both of us. At this point I am so shocked that I just start laughing. After Jeff and I go out to the waiting room he tells me that he tried to hold my jacket with the zipper in front of him as much as possible to try and absorb some of the radiation. Hah sorry Jeff, I don't think that little zipper is going to help.   After that I can't help but to question just how much radiation the people in the waiting room not to mention the receptionists are getting every day. I am sure that hollow wooden door isn't holding much back. Now I KNOW this would only happen in Korea.
After a little while of waiting Jeff starts to laugh to himself. When I ask him what is so funny, he tells me that he would pay big bucks to watch them cast my backside if it is broken. I know at this point he is actually picturing it in head and I am not too impressed. Although I too can not help but laugh thinking about it. After all they obviously do things a bit different here.
After another few minuets the doctor calls us to come in and proceeds to show us that I have in fact broken my Coxsis and fractured my pelvis. He then tells us how he will not cast me. which makes Jeff start giggling behind me, and that it will probably take about a month to heal. He then asks me if "I am feeling the pain" haha yah
     After we finally leave, the next hour is spent trying to pick up a few things from the store with Jeff cracking every joke imaginable. The high point had to be when I tried to find a soft pillow to sit on and happened upon a Micky Mouse doughnut pillow.  Jeff then had to hunt everywhere for a spot for me to try it out. As much as it hurts, I have to admit this has been one of  my more humorous injuries and as  grateful as I am for Jeff being there to make me laugh and take my mind off of it, he better go to sleep tonight with one eye open.
Oh and the cost of all of this, including medications was less than $40.00



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